Often you need to capture a custom piece of information other than basic payment information. This can include things like a checkbox that reads "I would like to volunteer for the campaigns" or "Yes, sign me up for email updates too!".

To do this, you'll need to place a custom field onto your donation or event registration form. First, log into your admin site. If you don't know how to do this, please read the help file "How do I log into my Admin Site?"

After logging in, go to "Transactions" from the main menu:

Then click on "Transaction Forms" from the secondary menu:

Find the form you wish to edit, and click "Custom Fields".

On the subsequent page, you'll find the following fields:

  • Field Name - This is a user-defined name for the field. It is not displayed on any public form, but is just for you to be able to remember what the field is for.
  • Display Label - This is the words that will appear next to the form field. If it's a checkbox, this text will appear next to the checkbox. If it's a text field, these words will appear next to the text field.
  • Field Type - This is the type of custom field you want to display. The options are: Select, Text Field, Checkbox, Radio button, Static Text, Hidden Text.
  • Required - This determines whether the field MUST be filled out by a user or whether it is simply an optional field.
  • Message/Validation - For fields of type "Radio
  • Block - This dropdown contains the various content areas of the transaction form. You can put your custom field at the bottom of any of the various sections wherever it makes most sense.
  • Add Tag to Payment - This should only be used by advanced users. Otherwise, leave blank.
Here is an example if you were to choose "Select" for Field Type, "Select an Option" for the Display Text, and choose the Block "Personal Information":